Catherine’s story

c2e0ab_a4456e2d69814b4ab103212b39b64b14In January of this year I learnt that I had secondary cancer and that the doctors could not “fix” me, but only prolong my life for as long as possible with chemotherapy. Everyone’s challenges in life are different and one of the most helpful things for me was to have the space that the mountains give you to do some thinking, reflecting and talking.

I have always done a lot of physical activity, but this challenge was not only overcoming the physical aspect of climbing a mountain with a body rattling with pills and potions, but dealing with the emotional baggage that was surrounding me. I had a lovely feeling that everyone was supporting me.

It was not so much about getting to the top of Snowdon and raising money for Cancer Research UK and the Macmillan nurses that I treasured, but the time I spent talking to people which was therapeutic.It helped me realise my sister’s needs and how my diagnosis had affected the whole family in different ways. I had not realised some of the challenges my sister was facing and climbing the mountain with her gave me new insight and closeness to her.It takes courage to face up to challenges whether they are physical, or more of a psychological nature.

If you have been challenged by what I have written do something positive by climbing a mountain! It may not solve your challenge completely, but it will give you space to start to deal with some of the issues.

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