Stuart’s story


Stuart and his son, McKenzie, joined us for a beautiful day in the Peak District. Here is how Stuart sums up the experience:

Up The Mountain

Valleys low with rocky paths,
and the forever views on mountain high
We helped each other climb to the tops,
My son and I

The bond of a father and his son,
Which has been forever strong
But our bond was strengthened
As we dug deep and walked along.

And with three little stones our worldly woes
And troubles do they symbolise
But only to be left at the top of the peak
Under the watch of God’s gracious eyes

I have no doubt that my son and I
Shall climb once more
To touch the skies
Where eagles soar

So from my son and I, we give thanks
To all who made this memory so
And with all our hearts we pray
To God for our friendship to grow.

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