Yorkshire Three Peaks 2022! We did it!

  • What inspired you to join the event and what were your expectations?

An opportunity to challenge myself and achieve new things be that a better time completing the challenge or helping others achieve themselves. Having taken part on previous 3 peaks, my expectations were to take on a personal challenge, meeting new people and enjoying time in the great out doors whatever the weather.


‘I was inspired by the challenge and whether I could accomplish all three peaks, with the full distance within the time. Also, the encouragement to do it and the exception of the training before hand inspired me. To get out in the hills.’


‘Having completed various running events over the last 20 years ranging from 5k to Half Marathon distance I felt I was at a point in my life when I wanted to try something a bit different. Also, having lived through the pandemic I felt the need to get out and have more experiences of the natural world which is there for us all to enjoy if we make the effort. My expectations were that I might struggle with the distance, not to mention the Peaks themselves, never having walked more than 14 miles in a day before. But I was hopeful that by walking in a group of like-minded people I would be carried along and complete the full distance.’


‘Supporting WorldShare. Expectation to be taken out of my comfort zone.’


  • What did you get out of the day?

‘I was really proud to have not only completed the challenge but to have done so with a time that was better than I expected. I also really loved the camaraderie that built whilst staying at Gearstones.’


‘It was an amazing experience where everyone’s individual achievement was celebrated & valued across the whole group’.


‘A great sense of achievement having completed 25 miles and 3 peaks, and also a boost to my assessment of my own mental and physical capacity to take on other challenges like this in the future.’


‘A sense of personal achievement and the pleasure of meeting new people and sharing time together as part of this challenge. It was also a real joy helping others achieve their own personal goal be that 1,2 or 3 mountains. Fantastic views out over the region and wonderful conversations with fellow walkers.’


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