A pilgrimage walk to Lindisfarne

The men from Exaireo faced an early morning challenge setting off across the sea bed to Holy Island. The tide was out and we set off at the earliest possible time. The morning was cold ( fresh in my words but cold for the guys!) Boots and socks were reluctantly taken off and off we went! Following the marked way was a great help. Stopping off at one of the ‘rescue’ posts made us all realise how high the tide comes in and how exposed you would be if you got caught by the tide. The guys did not want to waste any time and sped across to half way at which point I stopped them to just get a feeling of the environment and to make a mental note of the thousands of others who have walked the same path before them including Saint Cuthbert of course! The sun warmed us as we walked across and once safely on the other side a cup of tea and the now traditional scone and jam revived us all! This was a very different challenge to the normal one faced by those in Up Mountains groups; this one touched on the spiritual as much as the physical nature of the challenge. Holy Island .jpg


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